Company history

In 1956 Heinrich Koch founded the company SIKOPLAST and soon made a name for himself with his partly patented inventions, e.g. the coat hanger distributor in broadband nozzles or the rearward extension of the extruder screws through the hollow gear shaft.

When the oil crisis temporarily caused the raw material price of plastics to rise sharply at the beginning of the 1970s, a new market for recycling plants also emerged. Heinrich Koch saw this as the future for his company and from this time on developed the plants and systems for the recycling of plastics. This development was consistently continued, even when other companies stopped using them again. One component of this success is the conical single screw extruder. This often copied screw system still forms the core of SIKOPLAST recycling plants today in a modified form.

Heinrich Koch managed the company until 1985, during which time he laid the foundation for its worldwide success. Since then the delivery programme of SIKOPLAST has been continuously expanded and extended. Besides conventional recycling plants for the processing of production waste, washing plants and systems for the processing of post consumer waste, as well as silos, conveyor belts, granulators and granulating systems belong to the current delivery programme. A new addition in recent years is the steel construction department, whose delivery programme includes e.g. complete steel platforms including construction, statics (tested if required), manufacturing and assembly.

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Extruder systems offline

Our recycling extruders - optimised for the feeding of light, non-free-flowing feed materials.

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Sikorex edge trim system

The SIKOREX series form the basis for an economic preparation - optimised for the return of roll material or for direct edge trim return.

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Hybrid edge trim system

The HYBRID system covers all requirements of a modern spunbond production - even on high-speed winders with speeds above 1,500 m/min a direct edge trim return is guaranteed.

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Washing plants

Our washing system with friction washer and the patented wet separation stage with integrated pre-flotation enable above-average purity grades, even with heavily soiled feed material.

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